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Triple ICE Coach is run by me, linkedin.com/in/jwilloughby,
in my spare time.

For the main part I serve as an HSE Manager, bouncing around the world helping our excellent teams deliver major civil engineering projects.


My backstory goes a bit like this...

When I was a kid, I had some great times (honestly), but I also remember feeling how surprising and incredibly unjust it was that your precious time on planet earth could be wiped out simply by going to work or by having a day out with friends and family. Here's why.

In the '80s, our news was regularly peppered with disastrous events such as Bhopal (1984), Bradford City (1985), Challenger (1986), Chernobyl (1986), Zeebrugge 'Herald of Free Enterprise' (1987), Kings Cross (1987), Piper Alpha (1988), Hillsborough (1989), and the Marchioness disaster (1989), a collision between two boats, one of which was full of folk like you and me just celebrating a friends birthday.

Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster.jpg

In those 9 incidents alone, 4,438 people lost their lives, with the Chernobyl disaster continuing to add more. The only thing safe about the 1980's is that we can call it a disastrous decade! Time has of course moved on but the emotion felt back then has undoubtedly motivated me ever since.

Photograph credit

Challenger Space Shuttle, Phil Schmitten, unedited, No known copyright restrictions

Through my own failures (there are quite a few!) and a bit of research, I've learned that trying to 'control' people is not the definitive way forward, but it's how I was taught.

Enforcement through Acts and Regulations serves some purpose and really came about during the industrial revolution as a means of dealing with irresponsible child-killing factory owners. "Idiots", to be polite.

But, 'enforcement' only gets you so far, and ultimately, shouldn't really be the default way to stimulate the kind of performance necessary to keep folk safe while they go about their duties.

Couldn't we get better at this if we addressed the basics, and approached this, foremost, as if the legislation didn't exist (an effective reality in many countries). If that were the case, how would you make things work?

It's not the definitive way forward (idiots are being created as we speak), but it's the basis for reassessing our customary way of work, to consider alternatives, to do something more inspiring than making another 20-page work procedure for a lifting operation!

How, for example, do sports teams, like the New Zealand All Blacks, the New England Patriots and Team GB cycling achieve such high reliability? How do psychologists help recovering addicts avoid relapse triggers? How does the military use such diversity to its advantage? How did Ross Edgley swim completely around the UK, 6 hours on, 6 hours off, non-stop for 157 days (eating over 500 bananas) without having a complete breakdown?!

Banana bunches

The ability to cope with life's variables, to have resilience, is a survival skill. A common attribute in aforementioned. This is where we can make a difference.

Helping people get better at anticipating risk and making sound judgments in the presence of risk is something that will serve them (and society) long after the Supervisor, Manager, or Safety Person has disappeared.

That thought essentially led to the creation of Triple ICE.  

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